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Agreements To Keep Equipment Running.

At Fitness Plus we believe in honesty and integrity. Fitness Plus is recognized as an authorized service center by most major manufacturers, including Precor, Life Fitness, Schwinn and True Fitness, to name a few. We do not sell any products except HIGH QUALITY SERVICE!!! We are committed to providing quality on-time service ensuring that your equipment is safe and operational. As a fitness professional you need to know that preventative maintenance WILL NOT prevent breakdowns, but proper preventative maintenance WILL reduce the frequency and severity of breakdowns. Small problems can be discovered and corrected before they become large problems that cost more down time and money.

At Fitness Plus when we refer to PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE (PM) that's what we mean. If your equipment is not being disassembled and completely cleaned INSIDE then preventative maintenance is not being performed properly. Treadmills, for example, require approximately 30 minutes for proper maintenance. Get what you pay for, not just the lowest price. At FITNESS PLUS we believe in true preventative maintenance, not just wiping the machine down and waiting for it to break.

We offer two types of agreements, Maintenance Agreements and Service Agreements, and we can tailor any agreement to meet your specific needs and budget restraints. We currently maintain agreements with several businesses and organizations in the St. Louis area.

Maintenace agreements

Cover cleaning, inspections, lubrication, adjustments, as well as repair recommendations, reducing unexpected breakdowns. All breakdown repair costs are not covered by a maintenance-only agreement.

Included with our Maintenance agreements:

  • Thorough quality preventative maintenance
  • Online access to complete equipment history
  • Unparalleled response times reducing equipment down time
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Full time office staff to answer your phone calls during business hours
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of in-stock parts

Service agreements

Provide all preventative maintenance described above and covers breakdown repair labor costs (but not the cost of the parts). Equipment breakdowns will be repaired during any scheduled maintenance call. Service agreements also include a predetermined number of emergency calls per period.

Included with our Service agreements:

  • Everything above in the Maintenance agreement
  • Emergency Calls with guaranteed response times
  • No charge for labor on repairs during PM visits

How maintenance works for you

When you choose to use our services we will schedule the dates of your service in advance, so you will not have to worry when your equipment will be maintained.

Fitness Plus will provide you with complete maintenance and repair records on all your fitness equipment. Complete records can assist you if a liability issue arises, or when making decisions about purchasing new equipment. We maintain a complete database (specifically designed for our customer needs) on all equipment we service, and we have backup records of the work performed on your equipment.

We maintain two million dollars of liability insurance policy to protect you in the remote case of our negligence (we have never had a claim). When you establish a agreement with Fitness Plus your company will receive a copy of our certificate of insurance. (If you currently have a agreement with another company you should request a copy of their certificate of insurance, for your protection.)

Call us today and let us know how we can help you reduce your equipment down time and repair expenses. Our professional staff would be happy to provide you with recommendations and quotes to fully meet your equipment maintenance needs.

Benefits of Fitness Plus

  • Factory Trained Technicans
  • Fully Insured
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Fast Response Time
  • Uniformed Service Techs

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